Frequently Asked Questions


What is SDWC’s mission and vision?

Mission: Through musical expression, the San Diego Women’s Chorus encourages women’s creativity, celebrates diversity and inspires social action.

San Diego Women’s Chorus is a non-profit community chorus that strives to entertain and inspire audiences with music that speaks to issues as diverse as human rights, love, world peace, religious freedom, environmental harmony, inclusion and cultural diversity. SDWC supports and affirms the music of women, as well as LGBTQ+ composers and arrangers. We welcome any woman-identified, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and transgender individuals to sing with us following an informal audition to demonstrate the ability to match pitch with the piano and hold one’s part in a section. SDWC sings treble music for Soprano and Alto voices

For over 30 years, SDWC has provided a safe space that encourages women’s creativity, celebrates diversity, and inspires social action. The San Diego Women’s Chorus (SDWC) is a lesbian-identified, feminist sisterhood of musicians that welcomes members and volunteers from the vastly diverse LGBTQ+ and straight-ally communities.


Wait, what’s a treble singer?

A treble singer is someone who sings in the Soprano/Alto range. If you’re not sure your vocal range or have any questions about singing with SDWC based on your vocal range, please contact us at membership@sdwc.org


Do I need to be a lesbian to sing? Can I sing with you if I’m trans or genderqueer or fluid…?

Membership is open to all woman-identified, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and transgender individuals, with a goal of diversity in ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, interests, and beliefs. Our members come from the vastly diverse LGBTQIA+ and straight-ally communities.


I see that you must be able to match pitch with the piano to sing with SDWC. What does that mean?

To match pitch is another way of saying that you can carry a tune. SDWC is non-audition, but new members are “voiced,” meaning they are asked to sing some scales and possibly a simple song (like Happy Birthday). No preparation is required. If you’re interested in joining SDWC, visit our Join Our Chorus page for more information.

If you aren’t able to match pitch, but love music and connect with our mission, we still would love your help on our non-singing operations team, the Accents.


When was SDWC founded and who was the founder?

SDWC was founded in 1987 by community activist Cynthia Lawrence-Wallace. SDWC has grown from a group of 14 lesbians gathered around a piano in a private home to a thriving community with over 125 members.


What type of music does SDWC sing?

SDWC sings music from a wide variety of musical styles, including contemporary choral, pop, Broadway, and standard choral repertoire. We seek out high quality and meaningful music from queer composers, showcase music by and for women, as well as music that represents our mission to encourage creativity, celebrate diversity and inspire social action. We focus on singing music from the women’s, feminist, and LGBT+ choral movements.


Are SDWC events accessible?

Accessibility is important to SDWC and our produced events are ADA accessible. We provide ASL interpretation for deaf and hard of hearing. Our Accessibility Ambassador can be contacted at accessibility@sdwc.org with any questions, concerns or requests.


I don’t sing, can I still join San Diego Women’s Chorus?

Yes! There are many ways you can still participate and have fun by joining the chorus. We need help with event volunteers,  set design, media presentations and many other details big and small to make the chorus thrive. For more information about how you can participate in a non-singing capacity as part of our Operations team, the Accents, click here.


What is the Safe Space Alliance and are you a member?

Safe Space Alliance Logo The San Diego Women’s Chorus is a registered safe space with the Safe Space Alliance. The Safe Space Alliance is a LGBTQI+ led non-profit organization that aims to help people identify, navigate, and create safe spaces for the LGBTQI+ community worldwide. Being part of the Safe Space Alliance is being part of a global and collaborative safe space community. A safe space is a space where the LGBTQI+ community can freely express themselves without fear. It is a space that does not tolerate violence, bullying, or hate speech towards the LGBTQI+ community.