Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t sing, can I still join San Diego Women’s Chorus?

Yes! There are many ways you can still participate and have fun by joining the chorus. We need help with set design, media presentations and many other details big and small to make the chorus thrive. For more information about how you can participate in a non-singing capacity, click here.



I see that you must be able to match pitch with the piano. What does that mean?

To match pitch is another way of saying that you can carry a tune. SDWC is non-audition, but new members are “voiced,” meaning they are asked to sing some scales and possibly a simple song (like Happy Birthday). No preparation is required. If you’re interested in joining SDWC, visit our Join Our Chorus page for more information.  Most people can match pitch, but if you can’t and you still love music we still would love your help with other projects or need your help with the Accents.