Exciting Staff Changes at SDWC!

SDWC is pleased to announce the hire of two new staff to the organization’s artistic and administrative team! Lara Korneychuk joins the artistic team as the new Assistant to the Artistic Director with nearly a decade of experience, and Meghan Grogan is the first hire in the newly created position of Assistant to the Board of Directors.

As Assistant to the Artistic Director, Lara Korneychuk will support our Artistic Director, Kathleen, in leading chorus rehearsals, supporting musicianship, and producing performances. Lara has held a similar role as Assistant Conductor for SACRA/PROFANA in San Diego since 2017 and she brings an extensive music background to SDWC. Since graduating from Northwestern University in 2012 with a degree in Music Education and Voice/Opera Performance, she has been working with choral ensembles in secondary schools, theaters, and churches, first in Illinois, and now here in San Diego. 

Throughout her career, Lara has maintained a focus on inclusion. In addition to her musical leadership in schools, she has also developed committees to support student awareness around diversity and inclusion. She is mindful of selecting music for her ensembles that encompasses various styles and contributes to an anti-oppressive environment. These values will translate well into her new role here at SDWC. She officially steps into the Assistant to the Artistic Director position on December 15th. 

Meghan Grogan joined SDWC as its very first paid administrative staff person earlier this fall. As Assistant to the Board, Grogan serves as a multifunctional aide to the chorus. She works closely with the board to streamline marketing pursuits, document chorus procedures, support membership and all archiving efforts. She will also help execute the board’s vision for the future and use her artistic background to enhance the chorus’s digital presence. 

Grogan received a B.A. in Art History from Arizona State University online in 2019. She previously worked as a Visitor Services Associate with Lux Art Institute, a non-profit gallery space in Encinitas. There she assisted various departments, including marketing, education, and development. She also restructured several administrative processes, a pursuit she will undertake with SDWC as well. 

In the midst of the pandemic, SDWC is thrilled to welcome these two new staff members to help the organization continue to adapt to serve their members and audience in new and innovative ways, while maintaining a strong connection to their mission and vision.