Performing our spring show, “Here Comes The Sun,” in front of a live audience for the first time in over two years was thrilling. Over 75 new and former singers worked hard to revive their voices and sing with great heart. It was incredible to connect with friends and fans that we haven’t seen for some time, and the feeling of excitement and homecoming was palpable throughout the entire weekend. 

As I planned the music for the show, I knew I wanted the singers and the audience to go on a journey – celebrating being back together, mourning what we have lost, and looking forward to the future, even as we sit with uncertainty. I also wanted us to experience a flow state together – one where we were not thinking of the past or the future, but simply basking in the moment of creating and receiving art. I am grateful for all of those that contributed their time and talent to make the event a success, and I look forward to sharing live music again with all of you soon!

-Kathleen Hansen, Artistic Director

Highlights from “Here Comes The Sun”, April 30, 2022

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