We are always happy to add talented voices and committed volunteers to our chorus family.

If you love to sing and are passionate about our mission to encourage women’s creativity, celebrate diversity and inspire social action, please join us at our upcoming New Member Orientation! New Member Orientation is your opportunity to learn more about us and meet with the artistic staff to determine your section in the chorus. The next New Member Orientation will be Sunday, August 27. Please email membership@sdwc.org to RSVP.

We welcome women, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and transgender individuals who sing in the Soprano/Alto (treble) range. Click here to contact us for more information about singing with us or email us at membership@sdwc.org.

For frequently asked questions about joining the San Diego Women’s Chorus, click here.

SDWC Performance

Not a singer?

If you are not a singer but still want to get involved with the San Diego Women’s Chorus, we encourage you to join the Accents, a group of our non-singing members.

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Local LGBT community gathers for candlelight vigil in San Diego

Singing Members

SDWC sings music for treble (Soprano and Alto) voices, and we welcome all woman-identified, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and transgender individuals as singing members. We are open to singers of all experience levels that are able to match pitch with a piano. The ability to read music is a plus but is not required for membership.

We accept new members twice per year ahead of our fall and spring seasons. Potential new members are invited to attend New Member Orientation, where they will learn about the history and structure of the chorus, meet some chorus members, and get placed in an appropriate vocal section by our Artistic Staff. Weekly rehearsals take place on Sunday afternoons from 3:45 – 7:00 pm near Mission Bay in Bay Park.

SDWC is a dues-paying organization and dues are assessed at the start of each season. Dues cover less than 25% of our operating costs; the Board strives to keep dues as low as possible.

Membership dues for the Spring 2023 season are $200 (includes music fees), payable as a lump sum or as payments throughout the season. Leave of Absence dues for members who are not participating in any given season are $20. Additional financial commitments may include the purchase of a SDWC section-specific t-shirt for informal performances (~$10) or retreat fees (~$25). Our concert attire for Fall and Spring is all black clothing, including shoes. Scholarships are available to cover membership dues and other chorus-related fees as needed.

Currently, all singing SWDC members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination is required for all new members.

For more information, please contact us at membership@sdwc.org

Specific Membership Requirements

  • Ability to match pitch with the piano
  • Attendance at Sunday rehearsals and retreat (will vary by season)
  • Timely payment of dues and other financial commitments
  • Complete COVID-19 vaccination
  • Concert attire (major concerts): Black dress, slacks, or skirt with black dress shirt, black socks or tights, and black shoes. These articles can come from your own wardrobe.
SDWC performing at Balboa Park organ pavillion

Want to join SDWC but have questions? Learn more below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accent Members

Not into singing? Don’t worry – we love to include folks who want to participate in other ways!

SDWC is a volunteer organization, and help from non-singing members who connect with our mission is vital for success! The Accents are a team of non-singing SDWC members who volunteer at SDWC events, help with set design and media presentations, participate in donor events, and more! Accent members are welcome to participate in SDWC social events and receive priority access to all SDWC-produced events.

Although duties for Accent members vary from season to season, some examples include:

—Handing out programs and/or selling raffle tickets during SDWC concerts
—Collecting items for Silent Auction events
—Planning, organizing, and hosting donor events (with the Fundraising team)
—Selling concert tickets

For more information, please contact us at membership@sdwc.org.

Come for the music, stay for the heart!


  • What is SDWC’s mission and vision?

    SDWC Mission Statement: Through musical expression, the San Diego Women’s Chorus encourages women’s creativity, celebrates diversity, and inspires social action.

    The San Diego Women’s Chorus is a non-profit community chorus that strives to entertain and inspire audiences with music that speaks to issues as diverse as human rights, love, world peace, religious freedom, environmental harmony, inclusion and cultural diversity. SDWC supports and affirms the music of women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC composers and arrangers.

  • What is a treble singer?

    A treble singer is someone who sings in the Soprano/Alto vocal range. If you’re not sure about your vocal range or have any questions about singing with SDWC based on your vocal range, please contact us at membership@sdwc.org.

  • Do I need to be a lesbian to sing? Can I sing with you if I’m trans or straight or genderqueer?

    Membership is open to women, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and transgender individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.

  • What does it mean to “match pitch with the piano”?

    Being able to match pitch is another way of saying that you can carry a tune. If you can sing along to a song on the radio, you can match pitch. SDWC is a non-auditioned chorus containing members of all experience levels, but members are required to have the ability to match pitch.

    At New Member Orientation, all new singing members are asked to meet individually with a member of the Artistic Staff and be “voiced” (i.e., get placed in your appropriate vocal section). During voicing, you will be asked to sing some notes along with the piano to confirm your ability to match pitch. You may also be asked to sing a simple song (like Happy Birthday) to confirm your vocal section placement. Voicing only takes a few minutes, and no preparation is required.

    If you aren’t able to match pitch, but love music and connect with our mission, we would love your help on our non-singing operations team, the Accents.

  • When was SDWC founded and who was the founder?

    SDWC was founded in 1987 by community activist Cynthia Lawrence-Wallace. SDWC has grown from a group of 14 lesbians gathered around a piano in a private home to a thriving community with over 150 diverse members.

  • What type of music does SDWC sing?

    SDWC sings music from a wide variety of musical styles, including contemporary choral, pop, Broadway, and standard choral repertoire. We seek out high quality and meaningful music from queer composers, and showcase music by and for women. We prioritize music that represents our mission to encourage creativity, celebrate diversity and inspire social action. We focus on singing music from the women’s, feminist, and LBTQ+ choral movements, as well as amplifying the voices of other marginalized communities.

  • Are SDWC events accessible?

    All SDWC-produced events are ADA accessible, as are our rehearsal and retreat spaces. We provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation for deaf and hard of hearing individuals at our three major concerts (Spring, Summer/Pride Season, and Fall).

    If you have any specific questions, concerns, or requests, please contact our Accessibility Ambassador at accessibility@sdwc.org.

Chorus Singers


Artistic Director: Kathleen Hansen

May 18 & 19, 2019

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