SubjectDateVideoPresentation & Supplements
Religious Diversity3/26/23 Diversity 3-26-23.mp4No supplements or presentation materials
Change2/28/23 – Feb 28, 2023.mp4No supplements or presentation materials
Assessment1/22/23 Meeting 2023.mp4 (please note, the audio quality is bad – there is a best effort transcript available in the supplements; if you have any corrections, please let us know) (this is the transcript)
Intergenerational Differences

12/4/22 (Presentation) (Bridging the LQBTQ Generation Gap – The Atlantic) (Discussion Scenarios)

11/15/22 (PowerPoint Presentation) (Close Captions) (Discussion Scenarios) (Info-Graphic)
Contemporary Sexual Orientations


 Sexual Orientations 10-23-22-video.mp4

 (PowerPoint Presentation) (Discussion Scenarios) (Dictionary of Terms)

Bi versus Pan 
Kink (Transcript – Covers 90/120 minutes) (Visual Notes)

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